Welcome to my site! I have no idea what to put here!


I really enjoy computers and making stuff on them so I made this site! I like neocities and it returning the web to the thing that it once was. Other than this site I'm working on multiple other web projects that at this rate will be released in 2030. The name "nanoarrow" comes from a random fake word generator and it's not supposed to mean anything. I hope you enjoy your time here and visit me again later (not that anything's gonna change as i don't care about this site as much now)!

Web design is my passion! mesoscale dragonslayr15001 visit mike's cool webpage!! jimwald mick man wondernet districts dokodemo sugarforbrains anlucas ARandomSite Visit Melonking.Net! vukky button pouet.net modarchive.org

Sun right now


watching grass grow

🎵 ko0x - galaxy puppy 🎵