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Welcome to my site! As you can see it looks a bit different than last you were here. That's because I did a redesign of this site! It's still brand shiny new so things will change over time.


I really enjoy computers and making stuff on them so I made this site! I like neocities and it returning the web to the thing that it once was. Other than this site I'm working on multiple other web projects that at this rate will be released in 2030. The name "nanoarrow" comes from a random fake word generator and it's not supposed to mean anything. I hope you enjoy your time here and visit me again later!

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Ethereum adress: 0x5D1f4c52C270C220203b7e981f031a04A5Ae0795


22th May 2022 at 21:30 CET: I got a lot of things to do so I'm not doing anything

20th May 2022 at 16:16 CET: I sometimes get nostalgic for things that happened even a little while ago

3rd May 2022 at 15:33 CET: I can never remember the English word for that nose liquid

🎵 xemogasa - perfect match 🎵

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